My website design clients include authors, artists, gyms, small businesses, and more. My usual process includes designing client websites in an easy-to-update platform like Wix (depending on project needs, scope, and budget) and provide tutorials to teach clients how to use their new admin tools for making their own revisions. This helps keep design costs low for small businesses working with limited budgets!

Other frequently used platforms are WordPress for larger business and corporate website design projects, as well as Shopify for e-commerce solutions.

James Tate Hill’s author & editorial services website was completely overhauled on the Wix platform in 2021 for two reasons: the publication of Blind Man’s Bluff and also because it was a nightmare to update — it was originally scratch-coded in Adobe Dreamweaver.

Sara Lippmann’s website was one of my earliest web design projects on the Wix platform, and I recently revamped the UX to align with the publication of two new 2022 publications: JERKS and LECH. Also added a Mailchimp email signup form and some new contact pages to help with lead flow for her editorial workshops.

Masters FItness WS website

Masters Fitness is a Winston-Salem, NC personal training studio specializing in kettlebell fitness. I designed their website using the Wix platform in 2018 so the client could update easily on their own without incurring the budgetary impact of design consultations.

Lynn Mundell Writer website design

The Wix platform was a great solution for Lynn Mundell, a journalist and content writer hailing from San Francisco. She needed an easy-to-update and edit website that reflected her professional work and CV that would be subtle and well-suited for her professional endeavors.


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